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Arcus forever! Brother Thistle is not really a main character, or particularly key to the plot in any way, but he's just great. A shout-out to brother Thistle for being reasonable, logical and an all-round great character all the way through the series even when.

I'm not trying to be sadistic, but surely they can't all make it out alive and since I don't like him anyway. Well, I guess we will see. Sorry about that rant. Moving on. Much of the criticism that Frostblood received was because it seemed.

I would say that the sequel lived up to it's predecessor. With one exception. (view spoiler) LOVE TRIANGLE. UGH, I hate them so muchhhh! And it kind of wasn't really a love triangle, because the whole thing with Kai was weird, but I still hated.

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In Fireblood, we get to see a lot more about the origins of the world's magic from legends and stories being passed down, as well as various books. It was wonderful to understand more about how the magic worked, and the Minax in particular. It.

It also allowed you to better understand the nature of their conflict and how the events of the first book came about. Okay, protagonists. My favourite section! Ruby is so great in this book! She becomes a really strong, independent female protagonist which most people.

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But, if you want more, click here - - - (view spoiler) Why is he even a character? My goodness. I was actually quite excited when he was about to be possessed. I realise I sound so sadistic and psychotic as I write this, but.

I took off one star for Kai and this love triangle, I hate it so much. Otherwise it would have definitely earned five shining stars. If only Elly Blake deleted just a few paragraphs where Ruby said that she wanted to kiss him and swapped.

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