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The result was the 2015 National Book Award-winning. Between the World and Me. New York magazine reported that after reading it, Toni Morrison wrote, "I've been wondering who might fill the intellectual void that plagued me after James Baldwin died. Clearly it is Ta-Nehisi Coates.".

She uses a range of examples to delve into the topic, from her personal childhood and dating reflections to popular culture references. This is a powerful, essential text that calls on humans to revise a new, healthier blueprint for love, free of patriarchal gender limitations.

Unfortunately, the minister and activist didn't live to see it in print The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published in 1965, not long after his assassination in February of that year. The books chronicles the many lessons the young Malcolm (born Malcolm Little in Omaha.

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Buy it on Amazon. Background: iStock. Book Cover: Canongate Books Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope was his second book and the No. 1 New York Times bestseller when it was released in the fall of 2006. The title was derived from a sermon he.

1. Kindred / Octavia Butler Background: iStock. Book cover: Amazon. Octavia Butler's Kindred (1979) is one of a string of novels she penned centering on black female protagonists, which was unprecedented in a white-male dominated science and speculative fiction space at the time. This story.

When Danas white husbandinitially suspicious of her claimsis transported back in time with her, complicated circumstances follow, since interracial marriage was considered illegal in America until 1967. To paint an accurate picture of the slavery era, Butler told In Motion Magazine in 2004, she studied.

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Shirley Eaton (born 1937), Primi Townsend, Patricia McPherson, Eva Griffith, Mutsumi Fukuma
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Buy it on Amazon. Background: iStock. Book Cover: Penguin Random House. Jacqueline Woodson's children's books and YA novels are inspired by.

Buy it on Amazon. Background: iStock. Book cover: Amazon. James Baldwin is considered a key figure among the great thinkers of the 20th century for his long range of criticism about literature, film, and culture and his revelations on race in America. One of his.

Black History Month gives us 28 days to honor African Americans and the ever-expanding contributions they make to culture. Literature in particular has been a space for black authors to tell their stories authentically, and bookworms seeking good reads can choose from an array of.

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