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In the meantime, Laurel remained busy under contract with director/producer Joe Rock, famously producing a dozen two-reel comedies. Although a decade would pass, Laurel and. Hardy would discover their double act had great promise after their film, Putting Pants on Philip (1927 became a box.

It was said that minutes before he died, he was speaking to his nurse about skiing. When the nurse said she didn't realize he was a skier, he had purportedly replied: "I'm not. I'd rather be doing that than this!" Minutes later, the nurse discovered.

Photo: MGM Studios/Courtesy of Getty Images. Movies Soon, Laurel found himself back in America, this time acting on the big screen. His first foray into film was in 1917 appearing in the comedy, Nuts in May, to great applause. This led to more film work.

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Stan Laurel was an English comedic actor, movie director and writer who was one-half of the famous duo Laurel and. Hardy. With Oliver Hardy, Laurel appeared in over 100 films, beginning in the 1920s silent film era. Who Was Stan Laurel? Born on June 16.

If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Citation Information Article Title Stan Laurel Biography Author m Editors Website Name The m website Access Date rrentTime date MMMM d, yyyy' Publisher A E Television Networks Last Updated December 10, 2018 Original Published Date December 10, 2018.

His family was deeply involved in theatre his father Arthur worked as a theatre manager, while his mother Margaret was a stage actress. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching! ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching! Laurel followed in his parents' footsteps and started his theatrical career at age 16.

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Charlie Chaplin's understudy. Laurel's first appearance with Oliver Hardy was in 1917, but it would take a decade later for the two to cement their comedic partnership after their film, Putting Pants on Philip, turned them into huge stars. From there, Laurel with his signature.

The duo would retire from film in 1950 but took their comedy on the road, touring throughout England for years. Laurel was reportedly devastated when Hardy died in 1957 and retired from acting, although he was known to be generous with his time by keeping.

ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching! Spouses Children Laurel was married four times (one wife he married twice) and had two children. His wives were: Lois Neilson (m. with whom he had a daughter named Lois and later a son named Stanley who died at nine days.

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