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This directive addressed criticisms that the regulations, and the agencies' implementation of them through the examination process, were too process-oriented, burdensome, and not sufficiently focused on actual results.  The agencies also changed the CRA examination process to incorporate these revisions. Examination Approaches. Since 1995, the.

 We also analyze and report to the Board on CRA issues that arise in connection with certain applications by financial entities to expand their businesses. In my remarks today, I will provide some historical context about the CRA, discuss the Federal Reserve's CRA examination program.

Chairman Frank, Ranking Member Bachus, and members of the Committee, I want to thank you for this opportunity to discuss the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).  Enacted in 1977, the CRA states that federally insured banks and thrifts have an obligation to help meet the credit.

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At the time, state and federal rules prohibited interstate branching and acquisitions, and even intrastate branching in some cases.  These factors reduced competition and the ability of lenders to diversify geographic risk and, taken together, contributed to the concern that banking institutions were not adequately.

Many advocates for the passage of this new law believed that this deterioration was fueled by, among other things, limited credit availability.  Some blamed the lack of credit availability on mainstream depository institutions, and charged that they were willing to accept insured deposits from households.

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The law gives the agencies considerable discretion and flexibility to fashion programs and procedures to carry out the purposes of the law, to issue implementing regulations that include measures of performance, and to modify those regulations in response to changing markets.  This flexibility has contributed.

We have adjusted the CRA examination process over the years on our own initiative and in response to statutory changes, some of which have been significant. The 1978 CRA regulations focused CRA examinations on factors related to the process used by institutions to determine the.

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