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Contents Geetha made her cinematic debut with the 1978 Tamil film. Bairavi as the title character in which she played Rajinikanth 's sister. She was a student of class seven when she was cast for the film. 3 When she got handful of movies she.

Geetha (Kannada: ; born ) is an Indian actress who has performed in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi films. She debuted in the Tamil language film. Bairavi (as Rajinikanth 's sister) directed by the veteran Director M Baskar of Oscar Movies. Since then she.

Naxalite revolutionary Ajitha was well acclaimed and described by. The Hindu as "one of Malayalam cinema's landmark heroines". 3 The same year she had more Malayalam releases such as. Sukhamo Devi, Kshamichu Ennoru Vakku, Aavanazhi, Geetham, etc. made her a popular actress in Malayalam cinema.

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She even threatened the girl several times, saying "I will thrash you" and "I will hit you with slippers". To the parents of the woman, Geetha said things like tie her up, get her married and send her somewhere to solve the problem. Such so-called.

7 Karnataka State Film Awards Kerala State Film Awards Filmfare Awards South Cinema Express Awards 1988 : Best Actress Malayalam - Vaishalii Filmography edit Tamil edit Telugu edit Malayalam edit Kannada edit Year Film Co-Cast Notes 2017 March 22 Ananth Nag 2017 Meenakshi Raghu Mukherjee, Shubha.

In 1997 she married Vasan, an American CPA and Indian Chartered Accountant. The couple live in New Jersey where Vasan is a business promoter and advisor to corporations. 6 After her marriage, she quit acting for a brief period. She returned to the industry and.

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Some of her notable movies are Dhruva Thare, Devatha Manushya, Anuraga Aralithu, Shruthi Seridaaga, and Aakasmika with Rajkumar. Other films are Eradu Rekhegalu, Mareyada Manikya, Mrugaalaya, Veeradhi Veera, Mithileya Seethayaru, Nenapina Doni, Bairavi, Shiva Mecchida Kannappa, Giri Baale, Ramanna Shamanna, Goonda Guru, Nigooda Rahasya, Ramapurada.

Balachander. She also starred in the Tamil Serials such as Katha Kathayaam Karanamaam and recently in Rajakumari, where she played Ramya Krishnan 's mother which aired on Sun TV. During 80s and early 90s Geetha was considered by many as one of the most beautiful.

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