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"Bling's the thing as Northampton grabs gold". London: The Guardian. Retrieved William Goldman, Adventures in the Screen Trade (Macdonald Co., London, 1984 pp. Lynch, Amanda (9 February 2010). "Here's one they made earlier: The original Sixties Fairy Liquid bottle is back". London: Daily Mail. Retrieved.

11 She reappeared in April 2000, acting as a guest ring announcer at Backlash. 11 30 In the fall of that year she played the role of Lieutenant Commissioner, the assistant of Commissioner Mick Foley. 3 11 Debra resigned as Lieutenant Commissioner on the March.

2 Newman is from a variety background, acting on stage and also appearing in television advertisements, including for Fairy Liquid. 3 She was also a popular regular panellist on a revival of the BBC panel game show What's My Line? (197374). She is the author.

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5 1980 Jií Hubač : Dm na nebesích, Divadlo na Vinohradech, premira: 1980 režie: Václav Hudeček 2004 Brian Friel : Lásky paní Katty, Katty McGuire, Divadlo na Vinohradech, režie Vladimír Strnisko j. h. 5 2005 Brian Friel : Lásky paní Katty, Katty McGuire, Divadlo Na.

5 It contains 17 tracks featuring instrumental themes from the film performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of London Venezuela, including six vocal songs by various cast members. 6 "Prologue/Timmy and Martin" (4:50) "My Life and My Love" (3:05) - performed by Al Jarreau and Bobbi.

Although Goldman conceded that Newman was both a good actress and attractive, she clearly did not fit his conception of the part a sex bomb she isn't and he objected to Forbes' decision to change the appearance of the 'wives' (making them older, more demure.

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